Thursday, 26 December 2013

Scott Classic

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A second thread of this blog is the filling of a pair of Scott Classic Albums. As noted in the intro post, I spend most, but not all of my stamp time on first issues. Some of the other pursuits are:

  • all affordable stamps 1840-1940
  • the French Marianne stamps
  • GB definitives
  • GB Victorias with my initials
  • various thematics
I have been collecting classics for about a decade in an old and tatty one-volume Scott and for Christmas had a nearly virginal two volume set.
I need to build slip cases for them, then gradually transfer my current stocks and develop a strategy for filling them. The strategy I have in mind is twofold:
  1. Random additions from the occasional Bexley PhilSoc world boxes, and
  2. Concentrate on one country at a time, probably starting with GB, then Egypt.
At some point I will list all the countries in the albums as that will be useful online - some of the smaller entries are tucked into strange places in my 1-vol edition.

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