Monday, 9 December 2013


This is about stamps.
Although most of my collecting is about first issues, I hadn't intended to call the blog that, but, finding it available, did so.
I am currently building my third web site on first issues:

  • the first, started around 2002, was abandoned in favour of 
  • a new format, based on the list in Mackay's Guinness Book of Stamps. This listing was started in May 2003, completed in June 2004 then gradually updated as the stamps were found. I eventually ran out of steam on that, but
  • started again in 2013 with a new, more narrative listing which currently covers 1840-1880, the format being based on a series of 8-page displays.
I have been running a notes page alongside the build which will probably be replaced by this blog.

Apart from first issues, I collect a few themes and all sensibly-priced stamps from 1840-1940, those covered by the Scott Classic catalogue. This blog is mostly prompted by the arrival today of a new(ish) 2-volume Scott album, this year's Christmas present. I intend to keep some notes here on progress with the albums.
The first task (when I get them in a couple of weeks) will be to build slip covers as they came without and they cost a fortune.

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