Saturday, 15 February 2014

Stampex, Spring 2014

Stampex next week and I hope to get there on Friday, so time for a plan. The wantslist has been updated with Displays 11 and 12, but the first priority is to fill any gaps of #1s and these are clear from the redesigned Summary Pages. There are spaces for:
  • Neapolitan Provinces 6.1eight 1861 issues, all to the same design, most on the expensive side, but the #1 1/2t green (SG2, Sc19 of Naples) is $18 mint (Scott 2008).
  • Jammu and Kashmir 7.2 The individual J and K issues are all too costly, but the first available joint J&K is the affordable 1861 1/2a red (SG Sc75) at $12/$15. 16th Feb for £1, an imperfect but attractive J&K SG145.
  • Serbia 7.5 I'm seeking the 2006 commemorative SG Sc356. Bought on ebay 15th Feb for $1.95.
  • Iran 8.6 the first is $175, no sign of a commemorative, no obvious substitute.
  • Puerto Rico 9.5 I have none of their stamps. #1 1873 is inexpensive used and the 1877 SG14 Sc13 5c yellow-brown is also sought.
  • Jind, Feudatory 9.7 the 1874 #1 1/2a blue is reasonably priced
  • Poonch 9.7 get the 1884 SG3/Sc3 or SG7/Sc8, both 1/2a red at a few pounds 
  • Labuan 10.6 look for the 1894 SG51 Sc42 2c rose around £1
  • Sirmoor 10.3 1879 SG1 Sc1 1p green around £5 18th Feb SG1 and SG2 on ebay for £11.
  • British Offices in Siam 11.8 all unaffordable
  • Selangor 11.2 the 1886 SG35 Sc11 2c rose $10/$3  Bought on ebay 15th Feb for $2.99.
  • St. Pierre and Michelon 11.6 commemorative 1999 SG? Sc682 $7, or anything with an SPM overprint. The first real stamp is the SG Sc60 tablet for $1 and the first original the 1909 SG Sc 1c fisherman for pence.
  • Gwalior 11.3 the 1/2a green overprint. 1885 SG? Sc1 overprinted in black is $35/$20; 1885 SG9 Sc9 overprinted in red is pence.
  • Nabha 11.3 The #1 1885 1/2a green o/p is pence m/u.
  • British Bechuanaland 11.6 the 1887 SG9 Sc10 1/2p vermillion o/p is the FSP.
  • Guancaste 11.3 #1 1c green o/p $3/$4.
  • Rumanian Offices in Turkey Occ1.6 the #1 1896 10pa on 5b blue o/p is $30 m/u black surcharge and about half that with a violet surcharge. Any of the first 6 would do.
  • Bamra 12.2 The first set is expensive, but the entirely dissimilar second set, 1890 SG Sc7 is approachable. 2010 SoS found on ebay, keep looking.
  • French Offices in Madagascar 12.6 either 1891 SG Sc8 ($150/$30) or 1895 SG Sc14 ($15/$7) Sc8 bought on ebay 15th Feb for $16.
I'll see what I can find on ebay before Friday.
Three (and a SoS) on ebay, 15th Feb. 

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